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The 10 best celebrities to follow on social media

By: 24/11/2016

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top 10 "entertainers"

With the intention of setting a trend, surprising or grabbing the attention of their followers, many of the rich and famous play with their creativity on the social networks of Instagram and Snapchat, causing furore amongst the younger generation. From Beyonce to Justin Bieber, the stars share daily details of their lives through photos, videos and phrases that gain millions of views and shares. Here are our top ten:


No. 10 Rihanna

She is controversial, beautiful and unpredictable. Need more reasons to follow her on Instagram?

A true fan of social networks, the singer always keeps her followers informed of her latest news, movements and personal touches too!

No. 9 Kim Kardashian

If you like selfie photos, you must follow Kim Kardashian – it’s just one of the world’s great truths.

Provocative and outrageous, she keeps everyone entertained with controversial and much copied images.

No. 8 James Franco

If instead you want selfies that are more fun and original, there may be nothing better than the photos of James Franco on Instagram.

No. 7 Beyonce

Beyonce fans are always over the moon when she posts on Instagram.

She is very expressive and always forwards photos of her family holidays and details of her tours and concerts.

No. 6 Britney Spears

Are you a fan of the Princess of Pop? Well then, why not follow her!

She always updates her profile frequently and entertains all his followers who want to catch up with her private life.

No. 5 Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is one of the most controversial and popular faces at the moment. This ex-Victoria’s Secret model and current budding actress certainly has a lot to offer.

Funny, outrageous and with very original photos, what more could you hope to follow?

No. 4 Channing Tatum

He is currently one of the highest grossing actors. For these and other reasons, you should follow him on the networks.

Recently, he fathered his first daughter, so don’t miss an opportunity to catch up with the happy family.

No. 3 Selena Gomez

Her publications may be brief and less in your face than others, but she remains one of the most followed celebrities in the world.

Among the comings and goings with Justin Bieber, thousands of fans and followers visit her profile daily to find out the latest news.

No. 2 Jared Leto

We couldn’t fail to mention the multifaceted Jared Leto. The musician, actor, producer and director loves Instagram and Snapchat and is known for being one of the funniest celebrities on them too. He often posts hilarious selfies adding drawings to them, like coloured beards and moustaches, and other psychedelic scrawls.

No. 1 Justin Bieber

Mr Bieber never does anything by halves - he has millions of followers, millions of reviews, likes, shares, hashtags, you name it. No doubt Justin Bieber is well set at the #1 position. Love him or hate him, his Instagram account is one of the most popular profiles and his controversial publications and other shenanigans in the news only serves to promote his feeds even more.


*Note from editor: For my own 2-cents, if you want somebody genuinly interesting to follow, you'd really want to follow Charlie Brooker, Richard Herring, Myles Dyer, Limmy and Graham Linehan... - Sam Cleere

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