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Claim Your Cashback

Please fill out the form below to claim your cashback which will be paid directly into the bank account you provided during your application. Once we have received your claim we will aim to process this within 72 hours.

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FAQ's - Cashback

Providing there are no issues with your claim we will process this within 72 hours and pay the claim value directly into the bank account you provided at the point of your order within 14 days.

You are not claiming within your correct claim period

  • You have been disconnected from the network
  • You have changed your price plan with the network
  • The order reference and date of birth provided on the form above do not match the original order placed
  • The order you originally placed doesn’t have a cashback promo attached (includes line rental discount)
  • The customer name on the bill provided doesn’t match the customer name on the order
  • The copy of the bill you provide isn’t on the same network as the original order

If your deal included a cashback this will be shown on the receipt emailed to you. The cashback is claimable in five instalments over the initial duration of the airtime agreement. Cashback on 12 month contracts is claimed during billing months 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 from the date of connection or upgrade. Cashback on 18 and 24 month contracts is claimed during billing months 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 from the date of connection or upgrade.

Please upload the bill number in relation to your claim period, for example:

If claiming for your first instalment for cashback against an 18 or 24 month contract then we would require your 6th month bill (if you are connected in January for your first claim we would require a copy of June’s bill).

On the bill you provide we would need to see the following:

  • Date of the bill
  • The bill value
  • Your existing mobile number in relation to the bill
  • Your name (must match the name on the original order)

The Claiming Process:

Simply fill in the cashback claim form

We will receive your request

We will process it within 72 hours

If there are any problems with your claim we will be in touch via email

Once approved your claim will be paid within 14 days

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